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High Bay Structural and Materials Testing Laboratory | Texas A&M University


The laboratory complex contains a high-bay structural laboratory with a total floor area of 4,000 sq.ft. (40 ft. x 100 ft.) with a ceiling height of 39 ft. The high-bay area contains a 2 ft thick heavily reinforced concrete strong floor suitable for large scale testing. Tie-down holes throughout the floor are on 3 ft. centers. Each tie-down hole can withstand a service load of 100 kips exerted either upward or downward. The area has temperature and humidity controls, and a 20 ton overhead crane.

The facility accommodates a variety of structural specimens, and has several computer-controlled dynamic or static (tension or compression) actuators: two each with capacities of 200 kips, 100 kips, 50 kips, and 20 kips. Three 600 kip static loading jacks are also available. The laboratory has two permanently installed high force test systems rated at 1,500 kips and 500 kips (tension or compression), dynamic or static. A central hydraulic pump facility with two 70 gpm pumps and one 40 gpm pump services all test equipment in the laboratory at 3000 psi.

Individual automated consoles control all test actuators or machines as closed-loop systems. PC-based data acquisition systems with signal filtering and conditioning capabilities are used to record experimental data from extensive measurement devices, including a wide array of LVDT’s, accelerometers, and load cells. Data acquisition capabilities include automated strain gage bridge completion circuitry as well as analog inputs.

What we offer

  • High-Axial Capacity Test System
    Fatigue rated to 1,500,000 pounds, specimens up to 14 feet in length
  • High-Axial Capacity Test System
    Fatigue rated to 500,000 pounds, specimens up to 7 feet in length
  • Axial-Torsional Test System
    Fatigue rated to 20,000 pound axial, 10,000 in-pound torque capacity
  • Axial-Precision Test System
    Precisely aligned crosshead and grips produce superior results in compression testing
  • High-Rate Material Test System
    Up to 1,000 inches/second displacement rates, 12,000 pound capacity
  • Axial Test System
    High-frequency fatigue rated to 20,000 pounds
  • Structural Actuators
    20 kip, 50 kip, 100 kip, 200 kip capacities, capability to push or pull in any direction using any combination of actuators and the lab strong floor
  • Pneumatic Loading Cylinders
    Compressive loads up to 300,000 pounds
  • Shear Test System
    Combined axial, direct shear and pressure loading tailored to testing
  • Compression Load Frame
    Horizontal load frame rated to 1,800,000 pounds compression
  • X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) System
    Equipped with two X-ray sources (350 kV and 225 kV) for imaging wide range of materials of different densities and thicknesses.
  • Aggregate Imaging System (AIMS)
    Computed automated system for measuring the three dimensional shape, angularity and texture of granular materials.
  • Wilhelmy Plate (WP), Microcalorimeter and Universal Sorption Device (USD)
    Surface energy of construction materials measurement.